About Us

HETCO is established in late 2013 and incorporated in Dortmund to simplify ,promote and expand the business of the group in the Middle East and Caucasus countries’ markets and is the European third branch office of the group after the Hetco Makine Insaat in Turkey and Hetco S.R.O in Czech republic. Based on the background of the main shareholders and the experience of the sister companies in Czech Republic,Turkey, United Arab Emirate ,Iran, Armenia ,Georgia the board defined the mission of the company into four main areas:


Consumer electronic devices with especial focus on the Computers and related devices


Import and export of products of food industry, from raw material to packaged products, from fresh spices to preserved cans.


Representation of known international home appliance manufacturers in mentioned countries.


Manufacturing and distribution of textile products nationwide. Export and Import of raw material and consumables of the industry.


Hetco is proud to announce that it’s major goal is to offer innovative and easy access solutions to respond to the demand from businesses and consumers in the territories of middle east, Caucasus and Europe. The main objective of the company, as a prosperous business is to get involved in International trade in the form of export, import and financing.


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Hetco GmbH is a German registered private corp. That owned and managed by German Citizens and is engaged in several local and Int'l business activities as well as telecommunication services providing.


Address : HETCO GmbH - Giesweg 14 - 44149 Dortmund - Germany

Tel : 0049 231 79923177

Fax : 0049 231 79923178

Email : info@hetco.eu